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  • I didn't hear voices, but I would hear music looping in my head uncontrollably

  • I felt like everyone was watching me. I was paranoid about pretty much everything

  • I suspected I was being set up for something. I even worried my food was being drugged

  • Thankfully, I've made, what I believe to be, a full recovery

  • I learned how to maintain an appearance of being a sane, reasonably normal person

  • I hear voices, see things others can't and perceive the world in a way others would deem surreal

  • I can't go around ignoring my delusions but I can acknowledge and accept them for what they are

  • I feel fine most of the time but can get ill if I don't take my medication

  • I wish people would understand I'm still the same person, I just get ill at times

  • I have some really good friends who have stuck by me

  • It was such a relief to go to the doctor and get the help I needed

  • I thought spiders were crawling up my skin

  • I smoked too much skunk. It really did my head in

  • It's scary what our minds can do

  • I felt so much better once I got the treatment I needed

  • I only had one episode. I now take great care of my mental health

  • Some people think psychosis has something to do with psycho. They need to know it's not

You might have heard of the term psychosis and think it's something to do with being mad. Psychosis describes a mental state when it becomes difficult to know what is real. This mental state might only last a short time but it might happen more than once. There are different reasons why you might be in a psychotic state. It doesn't mean you're dangerous.

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